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Intermediate Snowkiting Lesson Series

This series of lessons is focused on refining your kite and board skills to allow you to maintain controlled speed across the snow in more demanding conditions. If you have completed the beginner snowkite series or are moving from water to snow these skills will get you traveling where you want to go.

If you already have kiteboarding skills from the water, the intermediate series is designed to help you transfer your skills to snow as quickly as possible. Mountain wind and snow conditions require you to fly the kite more aggressively than kiteboarders would in smooth coastal winds.

As an intermediate snowkiting student, you will learn to generate the additional power you need to travel in very light winds or across deep snow as well as the skills you need to reduce power and stay in control in strong gusts or icy conditions. You will learn to use low angle slopes to your advantage allowing you to snowkite upwind in marginal conditions. For snowkiters who are having trouble dealing with deeper snow and stepper terrain these skills will decrease frustrations and increase your fun.

The Classroom
The series starts with a classroom section designed to help you learn to deal with mountain flying conditions. We will review safety, setup on snow, launching, mountain winds, relaunching, landing on snow. We will discuss the skills you will be working on so you understand the kite movement and timing exactly.

Power Strokes and Lift Strokes
When we get on the snow we will start by refining your power stroke to help you generate smoother power. We will work on a lift stroke to get you on top of the snow before moving forward. I will launch a second kite so that I can demonstrate and snowkite with you while working on the skills you need.

Downloop Turns
These turns add a new dimension to your snowkiting. Downlooping the kite during the turn allows the snowkiter to carve a big turn without overrunning their kite. Downlooping is a critical skill if you are snowkiting in very light winds or if you are moving very fast.

Jumping Under Control
This is the skill set that lifts you and then lowers you softly back to the snow. We will discuss the pattern your kite will fly through the sky and your body position at takeoff and landing. After working with a small kite you will move to a bigger kite and start with small jumps focusing on controlled takeoffs and landings.

Kiteboarding Low Angle Slopes
One of the best parts of snowkiting is using gravity to cut way upwind as you descend, and then using the wind to power you back up the hill. When the wind opposes the slope you can go any direction you want at speed. The trick is learning how to put your kite in the correct spot and how to keep it there.

Advanced Snowkiting Lesson Series

Availability and Reservations

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