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Telluride Snowkite School

Harness The Wind

Telluride Snowkite School will teach you to power across the flats or up and down hills on your snowboard or skis using the wind. Most first time students can learn to snowkite across the snow with confidence in just two 3-hour lessons. Experienced kiteboarders can make the transition from water to snow in a single lesson.

Come learn to snowkite on Lizard Head Pass (Southwest Colorado,USA).

Every student arrives at Telluride Snowkite School with different experience and skill levels and learns new skills at their own speed. With over 10 years of experience snowkiting and teaching kiteboarding lessons, I can tailor your snowkiting lesson to you, focusing on the skills and techniques you need to achieve your goals. Telluride Snowkite School will teach you to generate smooth power with an Ozone snowkite, allowing you to ride a snowboard or skis across the flats or up and down slopes.

Learning good kite skills at the beginning allows a much faster progression to intermediate and advanced skills and greatly increases your fun and safety. These kite skills will allow you to ride with power and control in light winds and in strong gusty winds. Some beginners prefer to minimize the number of snowkite lessons (one or two) and work out some of the intermediate skills on their own. Other beginners sign up for more snowkiting lessons (three to six) to achieve an intermediate or advanced skill levels more quickly and reduce the frustration of mastering a new sport.

I introduce experienced kiteboarders to the fun of snowkiting with a single three-hour Introduction to Snowkiting for Kiteboarders lesson designed to apply your water skills to a snowy three dimensional environment. This is a fast and effective way to learn solid snowkite skills without the dangers of the trial and error method.

For experienced snowkiters I can offer more advanced instruction helping you learn to snowkite in more demanding wind and snow conditions and terrain. Each lesson will be unique, taking advantage of the skills and experience you bring to snowkiting to guide you to your goals at your pace.

Jumping and mountain riding lessons are available for more advanced riders. A complete listing of the lessons offered can be seen at:

Telluride Snowkite School is an Equal Opportunity Employer working under a
Special Use Permit issued by the San Juan National Forest.

mark@windguide.com 541 490 4401